The Vista Verde PTA proudly recognizes the following families who have generously contributed to the 2021-2022 Annual Fund.

Thank you for your generous contributions to the PTA. Your donation will go towards helping the PTA and the school to continue to provide excellent educational programs to our children.
  • Diamond ($1,000+)
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  • Lu Family
    The Rasyidi Family
    The Uchida Family
  • Platinum ($600+)
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  • Bahareh Hedayat
    Dym Family
    Jun Family
    Kana and Kiyomi
  • Gold ($450+)
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  • Bradford Family
    Cherie M. Kuzmiak, DO
    Choi family
    Choy Family
    Colley Family
    Courtney Few
    Dang Family
    Erika Sudderth
    Goldbrunner Family
    Joey Chen
    Kahn Family
    Khalili Family
    Natalie and Daniel Klatt
    The Attar Family
    The Boushey Family
    The Elmer Family
    The Harsadi Family
    The Knox-Vega Family
    The Murata Family
    The Phielipp Family
    The Stowell Family
    The Warrier Family
    Wang Family
    Wong Family
    Yang Family
    Yisha Qiao
    Yvette Casal
  • Silver ($100+)
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  • Alkhas Family
    Angela Lee
    Blackburn Family
    Branded family
    Brooke Saxon
    Cha Family
    Cho-Lee family
    Claudia Landeras-Sobaih
    Danielle Soenen
    Dorothea Malina
    Edith Conde Rekers
    Eleanor Choi
    Ethan and Kyla Aframian
    Farboudmanesch Family
    Fazeli Family
    Garcia Family
    Gharavi family
    Gordin family
    Heather Carter
    Huffman Family
    Jackelyn Jones
    James malina
    Janie Nelson
    Jayaraman Family
    Jennifer Morales
    Jericha Jao
    Jia Zhou
    Julianne Ohlander
    Karilyn House
    Kathleen Short
    Kunrath Huttegger Family
    Langer Family
    Lee Family
    Lewis Family
    Loveless Family
    lulin bian
    Luohua Jiang
    McCormick Family
    Michael and Allison Terry
    Michelle Fortier
    Nguyen-Arnold family
    Olivieri Family
    Panthea Azadeh
    Patel Family
    Queen-Chmielewski Family
    S Choi
    Segawa Family
    Senny T Schnell
    Shan Family
    Steyvers Family
    Stoever Family
    Szeto Family
    Taggart Family
    Tasha Alpert
    The Ahn Family
    The Bailey Family
    The Bedi Family
    The Bone Family
    The Choi Family
    The Dez family
    The Gozum-Sanchez Family
    The Green Family
    The Inlay Family
    The Madden Family
    The Mills Family
    The Odegaard Family
    The Pollack-Stark Family
    The Raoufi Family
    The Scheider Family
    The Seckinger Family
    The Wylie Family
    The Yang Family
    The Young Famiily
    The Zea-Glenn Family
    Vladimir Minin
    Wainberg Family
    Wang Family
    wen Family
    Wolfson Family
    Yebin\’s Family
    Yixuan Wang
    Zhang Family
  • Bronze ($50+)
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  • Bouhbot Family
    Elisabeth Jobe
    Nishida Family
    Sager Family
    Taryn Stout
    The Veenstra Family