Academic Enrichment For All

Academic Enrichment for All (AEFA) is Vista Verde’s PTA community for extra-curricular academic enrichment. AEFA hosts parent volunteer-led academic clubs, events, olympiads, tournaments and bees at Vista Verde. Our programs are open to all academically motivated learners whose families are registered VV PTA members in good standing. Please sign up for PTA E-News to receive AEFA program flyers and sign-up links.

AEFA hosts parent organizational meetings from time to time to discuss new ideas, match parent volunteers to events, balance activities on the central calendar and seek teacher support and mentorship for new initiatives. AEFA designates two parents to serve as IUSD GATE Parent Representatives for Vista Verde.

For the latest information please follow VV PTA eNews, social media, or click on the AEFA program links below.

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AEFA Chair: Susanne Stark (

AEFA Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Jackelyn Jones (

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IUSD GATE Community Advisory Committee Vista Verde Representative: Victoria Lopez (

AEFA Programs 2021-2022

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